Scents and unusual unexplained smells.

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I was wondering if anybody else has experienced this at all.For the past several years (indoors and outside) there would suddenly be this strong scent of floral purfume,tobbacco smoke(pipe tobacco),sandalwood, or black gunpowder,etc each at different times and in odd places or times of the year...strong enough to be almost overwhelming,but it would suddenly vanish.The sandalwood I find the most unusual because for one I love that scent,but it has been smelled both inside our house and outside,and there's no explanation for it.History of where we live (ohio river valley) makes me wonder about french traders or jesuits their some kind of spiritual or religious significance to this?The rest is more slef explanitory...typical to this area and fit with history of our propety.Except the sandalwood,this has only been noticed this year and that has been by all members of my family at different times.Weird.
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  • Twelve weeks after my son died, I woke up in the middle of the night to the mingled smells of good strong coffee and spicy-scented roses. The smells were so strong that I thought maybe my neighbors (our houses are kinda close together) were making coffee at 3AM.

    I fell back to sleep, and had the most profound "visit dream".

    It didn't feel like a dream; it felt real. Absolutely real. I was in a beautiful modern mansion, full of natural wood and tall glass windows and amazing light, gorgeous staircases and lovely furniture, etc. etc. A large party was going on, with a grand buffet laid out, and huge vases of flowers and groups of candles everywhere. Near a fireplace on a group of couches, several young men in their early 20s were hanging out and talking and laughing. I noticed that one of them, from the back, looked a lot like my dead son.

    The boy stood up and turned around, and began to walk toward me. It *was* my dead son, smiling at me, coming closer, arms open to hug me. My first reaction was confusion, then fear. I cried out, "Stop! Stop! Don't come any closer! You're dead! You're *dead*!"

    And he laughed, and said, "And you're *sleeping*, but I don't hold that against *you*!"

    Which is totally the kind of thing he *would* say.

    But it broke the ice, and I let him come sit by me, and we talked. I can't tell you everything we talked about, but I remember being quite curious about the place we were. As he talked, I remember fidgeting with the fringe on a pillow, rolling it between my fingers, just feeling it, so real and rough, a sisal-type yarn. I asked him, "What *is* this place? Is it real?" And he said, "It's absolutely real. It's as real as where you live, but only for right now. I can't go where you live; you can't go where I live, for now. But sometimes we can meet here, halfway."

    We talked some more. He told me he was writing a lot. Since I was (and, to some extent, still am) very upset with him for taking his life at age 25 without at least *trying* psych help first, for his combat PTSD (Gulf War I), I snapped at him, "Well, while you're writing, why don't you write something for your mother and your brother that will explain why the hell you did what you did?"

    He sighed. Looked away for a moment, then back right straight into my eyes, and said, "Tell you what, Mom. I'll explain it all to you when I can, OK?" And then he put his arms out and we hugged. I could smell his light clean natural scent. I could feel the ropy muscles of his back. He let go, then took my right hand in his, and squeezed it firmly, saying, "Love you, Mom. Gotta go!"

    And I woke up instantly, in my own bed, still smelling the coffee and roses, although the smell began to quickly fade. It was now morning, a little after dawn. I looked down at the dorsum of my hand, and three white "pressure" fingermarks, just like you'd see a few seconds after someone squeezed your hand, were quickly fading. I screamed to my husband, "Bill was here! He was just here! He was right here! He was really really here!"

    (My husband thought I'd snapped, but then six weeks later, he had a similar dream where he ran into Bill at a drum'n'bass show and *they* hugged. He quit doubting around then.)

    Anyway .... about the coffee-and-roses scent: Bill and I used to be the only members of the family who drank coffee. We had our rituals, and we'd often drink coffee together. In fact, I think I started him drinking coffee when he was in his teens. The last time I saw him when he was wearing a functioning human body, we went to Starbucks. A month after he died, on the day of my birthday, a Gevalia coffeemaker he'd ordered showed up on my doorstep, forwarded to me, with perfect timing. Moreover, he used to always give me coffee cups for mother's day, including a beautiful set of Chinese cups he picked up on his Wespac tour with the USMC, and, for one of his last Mother's Days, a lovely huge mug with a photo of a rosebud etched on it, with the legend, "This bud's for you."

    Coffee and roses.

    I've smelled that combination of scents in the middle of the night a couple of more times, and I'm always sure it's him, saying hi to his Mom.
    • Mary,

      What an amazing experience! My kids buy me coffee cups wherever they go but I do have one favorite and they noticed so they dont buy me anymore.

      I didn't believe in spirits at all. I refused to listen to my dad after he died, feeling he was dead. Things would happen in my house and freak us all out and then I would sit and wonder what the blue blazes is going on. Researching and talking to my aunt she sent me on my way to explore it all.

      My family and I would smell toast and coffee cooking. Nothing was cooking, we were not even up yet. When we were awake we would smell it. One morning my daughter came flying upstairs saying how grandpa was in the boys bedroom muttering to himself. I had heard the talk and thought my daughter had been talking on the phone. It wasn't her. I would sit on the couch and he would sit next to me, I could smell his cologne those times. I could feel my face being lightly touched and so loved, so warm like he had been hugging me.

      At first when I didn't understand what was going on, the tv would blast so loudly. If the cd was playing it would skip, causing us to wonder if the CD was scratched but nothing. It was frustrating until the day I learned that he is trying to communicate with me. I didn't believe it until I met with a psychic who is my friend now. We sat in her car that night before closing the day out and she said, I am going to ask if your father is here and if he is I want him to stop the CD at number whatever it was and sure enough the CD stopped at that point and then she confirmed it over and over and then told me to try it. I did and it stopped wherever I asked it to stop. From that point I tried to acknowledge his presence.

      After acknowledging that he was there we never had a problem with the cd player or tv. When he was around we would still smell coffee and toast. I always knew when he needed to talk to me. I would do the channeling for everyone through him. When I shared what he had said bout my niece she was stunned and said no way. She shared something that happened to her when she was in a crowd and I knew at that point I was not going mad. What had been said happened, which of course freaked her out after it all happened but soon she learned what she needed to know about her gifts.

      What you have been through is the hardest this life. It is comforting to know that the spirit does indeed live on even when the body is not around to hug or hold. You are a gem and I appreciate your postings.

    • Many times scents are present from outside winds and such but I do know and believe that some are from visitors.

      When my mom comes to visit I get the smell of (sad to say) but musky, mildew smoke and dial deodorant. When my grandmother visits I get a whiff of beer or daffodils.
      When other visitors come at times I smell sulfur like a match has been struck... usually in combination with the room temp changing to ice cold.
      My latest odd smell is celery and for the life of me I don't get it but the temperature of the room changed as it does with the sulfur.
      I know the basement here has a lot of energy in it and especially from one spot in the south wall.
      Since i did a "cleansing" of the place and sealed off the what I believe to be a portal in my basement the celery smell has not returned. Which is good because though I like celery, I can't stand the smell of it.. lol
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    finally, i have a relevant story to contribute!

    a few years ago my (then)husband and i were living in a sweet little house in south pasadena... built in 1913, beautiful coved ceilings, hardwood floors... it was heaven on earth and we loved this little house to pieces... i was incredibly houseproud and was always cleaning and decorating and loved having friends and family over... but nobody wanted to stay at the house after dark... they all thought the house was creepy and especially avioded the back of the house cos there was a long, dark hallway to get back there and were always asking me how i could stand to be alone at night there (i was a 9 to 5'er and my husband worked late night shifts)... the thing is, it never bothered me at all... normally i would be as spooked as anyone about stuff like that but from the moment i set foot in the house i was comfortable and felt safe... i always felt there was "something" there but whatever it was liked us...

    fast forward a year and a half, the owner of the property decided to sell and we were heartbroken (no way we could afford to buy) and had to move... the night we got everything out of the house i did a final walk-through around 2:30am... saying goodbye to each room and letting my eyes feast on this beautiful home we had loved so much for the last time... as i stood in the dining room, in front of the built-in glass fronted china cabinet which had held all my beautiful antique dinnerware and barware and stuff i smelled this horrible stench... i searched all the cabinets and drawers but there was nothing anywhere... just this disgusting stench of death coming up from the floor right in front of the cabinet... and it came out of NOWHERE, suddenly terribly strong and pungent... i called my husband over and said, "just stand here for a second"... he did and looked at me and said, "what the fuck is that horrific smell?!"... we never did find out... we both imagine it was our house, letting us know that it was pissed off and miserable too that we were being forced to leave...

    the bastard that bought the house knocked it all down and built an ugly little monstrosity in its place... i hope whatever is there haunts him til the day he dies... i still can't drive down that street because i cry too hard when i get too near it... i don't think i will ever get over the heartbreak...
    • In my parents' house, the room with the ghosts always smelled like stale blood. It was awful. On a lighter note, in a house I visited where there were apparitions of the Virgin Mary, there was a lovely fragrance of roses that entered the room upon her arrival. But I wouldn't say that it was exactly like natural rose scent and definitely not like any rose perfume or oil I've ever smelled. And not everyone could smell it. And sometimes it would seem to emanate from an object in the room, like a statue, but disappear within a minute or so. It was mystifying.

      I wonder if there may not actually be a scent in the room, as we believe, but that the olfactory sense part of our brain is excited by the presense and nature of the spirit....and 'present' only to those who are meant to smell it. Just a thought.
      • Fera,
        I loved your experience of the old house. Oh yes you can be sure that what ever was built in that place is going to be haunted. You were deeply loved there and the other side was pissed off. Watch out!

        I think your point of view would be acceptable for me but when you were not used to such things all your life but could smell such things without explanation, you just figured it was a passing breeze.
        Sometimes I am the only one that smells certain scents. This past year I smelled perfume that I wear and kept looking for the bottle that I felt had broken. I kept asking my kids, do you smell my perfume? Do you smell it, I think the bottle is somewhere in this room broken. They looked at me like I was nuts but the smell was so strong as if I had put the perfume on. Then I realized that it was my own perfume, was I going to die, was I already dead? What was happening to me? Am I suppose to die? Did I want to die? Am I bringing my own cologne into my consciousness because I gave up? You can imagine how many negative thoughts went through my mind just from one smell. Of course no bottle was ever present, my daughter looked at me like I had gone nuts. After that the smell stopped.

        I think if we expected to smell something that your idea might be right on but when you don't understand why you are smelling things or even where they come from you really have a hard time processing it all until you start to understand that the other side is asking for an audience or a reminder that they are right here.

        • Cathy,
          I am in complete agreance with you. That is a valid point. Often on Tribe, I try to offer what I hope are atypical responses or interpretations of phenomena. I notice that most people stubbornly stick to their assumptions about the supernatural. I know my parents did until they both saw ghosts in their house. It generally comes down to the assumptions that are a balance between personal experience and comfort, that is, accepting those that don't overly-challenge our sense of security....while we live in such an insecure world. I think one assumption we all share is that in the after-life, we will somehow become privy to an understanding and knowledge of the supernatural phenomena we witnessed during our life. We don't know that for sure but we do hope for it. That is why I think it is important to respect others perspectives and even their assumptions as 'potentially' valid. Too, it is just as important to consider perspectives we disagree with because, even if they are proven wrong, they can provide a stepping stone to another one that may be right. Indeed, I am impressed with all the open-minded people I have met here on Tribe. Thank you, Cathy! :)
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    Yes, I have experienced the strong perfume lilac smell myself. When I lived in an old house in Oregon. It would happen all over the house and come and go. My mother, who I took care of at the time, stayed in the main bedroom that faced the front of the house. Many times when I would get to the doorway, the smell would become very strong. My mom was always able to see spirits. She told me of a lady that would be near the road outside her window. How she would look at the house and then disappear.
    I had felt the presence of a woman and how much she loved the home. Our spirit lady was very protective of the house, and I felt she had bonded with my mom and my daughter. My daughter was 3 when we lived there and use to laugh and play with our spirit lady.
  • I have lived in my apartment for almost a year. I have never smelled anything unusual until today. I can smell men's cologne. My dad came to visit me and he smelled it too. The smell has followed me around my apartment. I've tried to find out where it might be coming from, but I have no explanation. I called my husband to see if he was wearing cologne, and he said no. The smell is so strong that it couldnt' be coming from another apartment. I can go to a new room and the smell wont be there, but after a few seconds, I smell it as if it has just been dumped on the floor. I have smelled it all day and can't find where it's coming from. It smells like a very expensive brand of cologne too. It smells relatively new, but I can't put my finger on the brand. Am I nuts? I get this feeling like someone is trying to protect me. I'm a medium for a paranormal investigation group and I have not had an experience like this before. I get "feelings" when there is something paranormal going on. I'm getting strong feelings,but the smell is just so overwhelming.
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      I believe when you say you smell cologne that you really do.
      Especially if you are sensitive to paranormal activity. Do you
      have a way of getting some history of the apartment, like prior
      people who have lived there. I am wondering if there was a man
      who suddenly died in the apartment, and hasn't crossed over
      to the other side. Just a thought.
  • my son past away 3 yrs this past april!! h was 14at the time!! he was to be a junior this year in high school! last month he shouldve atteneded his jnior prom!! i am still grieving hardf and wish he was wth us to be able to go on with his life!! well i know that he is always around!! but here in the past few weeks i smell him! i caught him smokingin the bathroom a few times,its that smell that i have been smelling!! why is it happening???
  • Oh, Mary! How truly wonderful that your son came for a chat. I wish, I pray, that mine will. I have already had a little visit from him yesterday, though he died only 24 days ago.
    I had to take a bus trip from the town where we live to a town where we used to live. The trip was unavoidable. I had to make it. But it would have been the first time ever that I had made that trip without my son. (He was always happy to come with me, for there is a wonderful Moroccan restaurant there that he loved to patronise.)
    I caught an early-morning bus, for I did not want to walk across a town filled with people. The day was a bright, beautiful English summer's day, and the country-side the bus traverses is lovely. I wanted to gush about it to my son, as I used to. But I was on my first solo trip, so I cried instead.
    All at once, I smelled my son's brand of beer. The only person in the bus apart from me was a forty-something woman. She had a can in her hand. But it was a can of Coca Cola.
    Alighting, I walked a few paces and rounded a corner. All at once, the strong smell of the same beer was there again, just as it used to be when my naughty son caught up with me, having bought himself a fresh can of beer. I felt a surge of enormous happiness. My son was with me! I no longer had to drag myself along. My gait was light, as was my heart. How like my son's sense of fun that he would send me a smell of his beer! I used to berate him terribly for drinking in the street, or on public transport. Not now, though! I wrote him a poem about this incident, in which I ask him to come to his funeral to hold my hand, and I give him permission to bring his beer.
    Mary, thank you for your account of your son's visit. It shone a ray of hope into my otherwise pain-wracked day.
  • I just read your post and wanted to reply to tell you that the past week I have smelled a very strong floral smell while in bed one night and yesterday a super strong smell of smoke. Noone is around in or outside of my house so it is a smell that is just there. I have smelled tobacco smoke once before in another home that I lived and an Angel Practitioner that I went to said it was a spirit and he was smoking a pipe. At that time something touched my leg and she said he had a dog that brushed up against my leg.

    I think the spirits want us to acknowledge them and know that our lives exist long past our deaths. I am always surprised when these things happen, but afterwards it makes me curious as to who is trying to get my attention.

    Believe that what you are smelling is real.
  • Amy
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    Tonight I was with my boyfriend at the restaurant where he plays piano. This is a fresh Indian food. We went outside on a break and when we returned, I smelled Curry and lots of it. Nothing cooked in this place uses curry. There are no Indian restaurants in the vicinity. The environment hadn't changed...same people surrounding me ect. No one else smelled this. It seemed to go away but would reappear. When we left I kept smelling it. The whole hour home in the boyfriend could not smell it. I got home and stripped down, smelled my clothes...not it. Then all of a sudden he smelled it too. It keeps coming and going....
  • Hi,
    Yes I have just had this experience a few days ago about 2 weeks after my fiancées mother passed over. We had gone to the Philippines as my fiancées mother was in the final stages of her life due to stage 4 cancer. Not long before she passed away I spoke to her privately. Although she appeared unconscious I know she could still hear so I asked her to get in touch when she passed over. After she passed I was beside my fiancée when she was checking in online for our return flights to London when I smelled a strong fragrance around her and I asked what perfume she was wearing she said she wasn't wearing any but as I got closer the smell was stronger. I spoke to the family and one of the sisters got a bottle of her mothers perfume and it was the same scent. I guess I got the contact I was requesting.

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